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Instant Pot Vegan Soy Yogurt
Prep Time
2 mins
Cook Time
12 hrs

Easily make homemade vegan yogurt at home in your Instant Pot for a fraction of the price.

Course: Condiment, Sauce, Snack
Servings: 8
Author: Michael Monson
  • 1 quart soy milk*
  • 4 vegan probiotic capsules**
  1. Start with your soy milk at room temperature. Fill the quart jar up about halfway with soy milk, and then add the contents for four probiotic capsules. FIll up the remainder of the jar with soy milk, screw on the lid, and then lightly turn and agitate the jar to mix the probiotic powder into the milk.
  2. If you don’t have 1 quart jar, you can use 2 pint jars, or 4 half-pint jars. Just make sure that there is enough room in your IP to fit all of the jars.

  3. Prepare your instant pot, and make sure it’s set in a location that you can leave it alone for 12 hours. Place the jar of milk and probiotic into the jar, and loosen the lid on the jar so that it’s just sitting on top of the jar.

  4. Plug in your Instant Pot, twist on the lid, press the “Yogurt” button, and then adjust the time using the “+” button until it reads 12 hours. When the machine is set, it will beep to tell you that the cycle has begun, and the time will begin to count up from zero.
  5. After 12 hours, the Instant Pot display will read “yogt”. Remove the IP lid, tighten the lid on your jar, and place your yogurt the refrigerator for a couple of hours to chill, or until you’re ready to eat.

Recipe Notes

*Make sure your soy milk has only water and soy beans listed in the ingredients. Westsoy, Edensoy, Trader Joe’s all have plain, unsweetened soy milks with only those 2 ingredients.

**I use Jarrow brand Jarrow-Dophilus “Allergen Free” capsules (affiliate link HERE), which I found at Sprouts.