I have been adding to, and editing this list for at least a year now; making sure that it wasn’t missing any “necessities”, or that it didn’t have any superfluous, unnecessary, or obscure items that the average shopper couldn’t acquire.

This is genuinely my list.

When I run out of one of these items, or even when I’m running low, I immediately add it to my Google Keep Notes* shopping list. It’s a bit neurotic, I’ll admit, but I like being able to have a system in place so that I can make pretty much cook whatever I want whenever I want.

In sharing this list, I don’t expect that you will go out and buy everything all at once, nor do I expect that you will keep all of the items that I do on hand all of the time. However, when transitioning your pantry over to a vegan or plant-based pantry, it’s nice to know what staples can be used to replace the animal products that you may have been used to.

This is just my list.

Over time, you’ll see which items you use, and which items you don’t. You’ll know what to keep on hand, and what you can run out of without too much of a change in your cooking or eating habits.

Over time, this will be your list.

I have two lists for you. One has more of an explanation and rationalization as why each item is on the list, and it’s sorted by where those items are stored in my kitchen. The other list just has the items, sorted by where they can be found in the grocery store, to make it easier for you to shop for the items.

Both lists are Google Docs, so you can make a copy for yourself that you can edit and add to.

Monson’s Vegan Pantry Staples List (organized by where the items are stored)

Monson’s Vegan Pantry Shopping List (organized by where the items are found in the grocery store)

*Google Keep Notes (keep.google.com), is an app and a web-based platform that I use to keep a running shopping list. It has a cool check-box system that allows you to add items to a list, and then “check” the box next to them to remove them from the list. This is my favorite way to keep an inventory of items, and to remind myself what I need to replenish when ingredients run low. (NOT SPONSORED)