Convenience is the number one reason why people say they “can’t” go vegan, followed closely by price and accessibility. And when you look at what drives the fast food industry, it’s the convenience, the price, and the accessibility. So, what better way to prove how easy it actually is to be vegan, than by veganizing the most ubiquitous of fast foods: the McDonald’s Hamburger. Retailing for less than a dollar, and found pretty much on every continent, I wanted to show just how easy it is to recreate that almost-too-salty, real-but-fake-tasting burger. Using the same dirt-cheap condiments, I was able to recreate this burger in about the same time it would take you to drive-thru McDonald’s, and costing less than $2 a pop. Sure, Beyond Burgers are still a slightly niche item here in the states, but give it time.

Also, I just want to do a special shoutout to the McDonald’s employee who generously handed over 5 unused burger wrappers without asking any follow-up questions when we told him they were needed for a YouTube video.


  • Buns. The cheaper the better. Normally, the store brands are accidentally vegan. You can find them at Walmart for about $.88 for a package of 8. I sprung for a higher end bun at Sprouts Market, and it came out to $2.99 for a package of 8.
  • Ketchup and mustard. You already have these. They’re already vegan.
  • Dill pickle chips. Again, super inexpensive, and you only need 2 pickles per burger. We’re talking pennies.
  • Beyond Burgers (Not the Beyond brand frozen Beast Burgers. You want the pink ones.). Sold as two, quarter pound patties, these burgers need to be broken down into four thin patties. Those ⅛ pound patties, once salted and peppered, are almost indistinguishable from the McDonald’s “100% beef” patties.
  • White onion. Finely diced. McDonald’s uses rehydrated onions on their burgers. Treat yourself and use fresh ones.
  • *Wanna make it a Big Mac? Make this sauce recipe (Which I think is the Canadian Mac sauce version?) subbing vegan mayo, or Google another recipe for Mac sauce. They’re everywhere. Most callf for French Dressing, but I don’t have time to track down a vegan version, or make my own, so I just use the canadian Mac sauce recipe.


Do you even need directions? Divide each Beyond Burger patty into two patties and fry on medium-high heat in a nonstick pan. Salt and pepper the burgers. Flip when they begin to brown. Brown on the other side. Done.

Apply 5 dots of ketchup, 5 dots of mustard, a sprinkle of finely diced onions, and 2 pickles to the top half of each bun. Add a burger patty. And apply the bottom bun. Enjoy.