A long long time ago, I stumbled into a guest suite at some upscale hotel in Washington DC. I’m still not sure if I was supposed to be there or not, but inside I found a huge spread of fancy appetizers. One plate in particular that struck me was filled with these strange balls covered in nuts. I was expecting a dessert, but when I took a bite I was thrown off by the fact that it was actually a grape, wrapped in goat cheese, rolled in nuts.

As strange as these cheese truffles seemed, they were equally addicting, and I never forgot that flavor or texture combination.

I wanted to make a vegan version of this dish, so I set out to make the perfect vegan goat cheese substitute. Although slightly less funky than the originals, these truffles certainly do their job. These are perfect for any party or gathering, or for snacking on in front of the TV. Indulge!

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