This recipe was inspired by a few things…. First and foremost, it was inspired by Ben, who constantly complains that they stuff I air fry doesn’t have the type of breading that he’s used to having on fired foods. Secondly, it was inspired by Ben criticizing my YouTube thumbnails for not being decadent enough. It’s his prediction that if I make a sloppy sandwich and take a sultry pic of it, then I’ll have a perfect YouTube thumbnail “hunger trap”. Third, it was inspired by Wendy’s discontinued Jalapeño Fresco Spicy Chicken Sandwich, which had a long run as Ben’s favorite fast food sandwich. Fourth? Yeah, fourth, it was inspired by my dinner at Donna Jean in San Diego, and Chef Roy Elam’s Nashville Hot Shrooms, which changed Ben’s mind about mushrooms, and change my perspective on vegan meat alternatives. Finally, it was inspired by Healthy Junk Food’s recipe for the aforementioned Wendy’s chicken sandwich.  Combined, all of these inspirations have created a friggin’ impressive, although not at all healthy, and over-the-top spicy fried vegan sandwich.

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