I’m 40 years old now, and I’ve been cooking since I was in middle school. Pretty much for every major gift-giving holiday, my mom or my partner has given me something for my kitchen. My collection is vast and I’m proud of the number of gizmos and gadgets that I’ve accumulated over the years. 

However, as much as I love having a bunch of tools, some of which are serious “mono-taskers”, I find that when I want to cook, there’s a surprisingly small number of tools that I actually use regularly.

Being vegan for the last 4.5 years has had an effect on the tools that I used in the kitchen, and now that I’ve been eating whole-food plant-based for weight loss, my go-to gadgets have shifted once again.

Gizmos and Gadgets for the Plant-Based Kitchen

Check out the video below to see all of my gizmos and gadgets. Then click THIS AFFILIATE LINK to visit my Amazon Associates page, or click the categories below to view the specific items.

I have divided up my tools into various categories, and I’ve provided affiliate links to the products on Amazon. However, since my collection has been in the works for over 25 years, and since many of the items I’ve shown were thrifted, the exact brands or models may no longer be available. 

Take Your Time

My advice to you if you’re just starting out cooking, or if you’re just beginning your collection, is to not rush it. If you’re buying things for yourself, wait until the need arises to purchase them. If you’re interested in getting items second hand, have a list in mind when you go to thrift shops, and pick up items as you find them. I also always Google the items that I find in thrift stores to see if it’s a decent or reputable brand, or if I’m getting a good value by buying it second hand.

Buy Used

There are also a variety of buy/sell/trade apps and websites out there, so search those There is a good chance that someone is trying to sell the very thing you’re looking to buy. I had a Breville Smart Oven that I wanted to sell in order to purchase a newer model. The person that bought my old one got a good deal on a machine that was well taken care of. 

I also show off my thrifted bread machine in the video, and, well, that machine is the third bread machine that I’ve owned. The two prior were purchased new, and were eventually donated to  thrift stores simply because I bought them and never used them. 

And don’t forget to check with your friends and family. You never know what someone you know has purchased but never used. They might be willing to part with it in exchange for you getting it off of their hands. 

A knife, a board, a pot with a lid, a frying pan, and a spoon:

I love the convenience of having so many tools in my kitchen, and I love having the perfect tool for the job. However, none of this stuff is required for you to make delicious, wholesome, and hearty vegan or plant-based foods. All you really need is a knife, a board, a pot with a lid, a frying pan, and a spoon. 

I’m currently trying to eat a serving of whole grains, beans, vegetables, greens, and whole plant fats in every meal, and none of those foods require any special equipment to cook or prepare. 

To make grains and beans, you simply need a pot with a lid. You’ll need a good knife and a cutting board to prep your veggies and greens which can be eaten raw, or sauteed in a frying pan. The tools I show simply make prepping and cooking a bit easier, and mainly because those tools allow me to “set it and forget it”. Don’t let the fact that you don’t have an Instant Pot or an air-fryer stop you from eating the way you want to. Start with what you’ve got, and grow your collection at a pace that works for you.