I’ve always said that cauliflower is the Meryl Streep of the vegetable world; she can play chicken wings, mashed potatoes, alfredo sauce, and even fried rice. But can she play taco meat? The answer is an emphatic YES!, and she’s definitely winning all of the awards for her performance.

In this video, and accompanying recipes, she not only plays the role of “taco meat”, but she does it in three drastically different, yet equally delicious ways. Craving a Buffalo Ranch taco? She can do that in her sleep. What about Roasted Teriyaki? In a heartbeat. But can she be “bacon’d” and turned into a BLT taco?! You betcha. 

Full disclosure: The first time I saw or heard about cauliflower tacos, I was like, “NO”. What’s the point?! Cauliflower is practically negative calorically, so using them as the “meat” in a taco would be counterproductive. Not to mention the whole texture aspect of it. Do you really want to mush to be the heart of your taco? Nope.

However, I learned very quickly, after the very first bite of my very first test batch, that cauliflower, when roasted and seasoned at the right time, can have not only the perfect flavor, but the perfect texture as well. The cauliflower comes out savory, with a slight sweetness, and a slight chew that gives the perfect mouthfeel that isn’t mushy or crunchy, but somewhere pleasantly in between. 

So, whether you’re craving a more classic flavor combination, or something a little bit outside of the box, you definitely owe it to yourself to give these Cauliflower Street Tacos a taste.

Follow the links below to the full, printable recipes for each variation. Then scroll down to watch how easy they are to make!