When making a perfect grilled cheese, there are three mandatory steps:

  1. Use mayo: Instead of buttering the outside of your bread, use mayo. Mayo is a lot easier to spread, and it helps the bread to brown up evenly.
  2. Grate your cheese: Grate a block of vegan cheese, or use pre-shredded vegan cheese. Slices don’t seem to melt as well. For a evenly melted, gooey, cheesy texture, it must be grated.
  3. Air-Fry!: An air-fryer will allow the sandwich to cook evenly on the outside, and it will surround the sandwich with heat so that it will heat the inside thoroughly as well. Keep on eye on it as it cooks, because it can go from light brown to burnt really quick. Make sure to flip, so both sides brown evenly.

Veganized Hopleaf CB & J

  • Sliced sourdough bread
  • cashew butter
  • fig jam
  • shredded vegan cheese (I prefer Violife’s Mature Cheddar)
  • Mayo

Spread mayo on the outside of two slices of bread. Slather the inside of one slice with cashew butter, and the other with fig jam. Fill the center with shredded vegan cheese, and grill or air-fry until golden brown on both sides. Allow to cool for a minute before slicing. This sucker gets molten!