After a visit to my family practitioner, I was told that I  was overweight and prediabetic. The doctor told me to cut out sugar and carbs from my diet as a way to lose weight and stop progressing into Type 2 Diabetes. If I didn’t change my diet, I would need to go on medication.  I followed his advice. I dove into the paleo diet. After only three months, I returned to the doctor for more blood work and I received great news: I was no longer prediabetic. However, along with that news, came more bad news: I had high cholesterol. I was again told that if I didn’t change my diet, that I would need to go on medication. At 34, I knew that I was too young to be looking at a lifetime of medication.

I was a vegetarian through college, and I had flirted with veganism off and on since then. I would cut out all animal products from my diet. I would stick to it for a few months, and then before I knew it, I was eating bacon again. But I had always loved to cook, and every time I tried going vegan I always learned new cooking techniques, and experimented with new ingredients.

Knowing that the diet I had been eating the past few years, which was high in cheese and chicken and bread, had caused me to become prediabetic, and knowing that a low-carb helped with my blood sugar, but made my cholesterol skyrocket, I decided that I needed to make a more drastic changes.

I woke up on the morning of July 4th, 2016 and decided to give veganism another go. This time, I was doing it for my health. I started watching cooking shows on YouTube like Hot For Food and The Vegan Zombie, and I made the change that day. From my previous experiments with the vegan diet, I already had a few tricks up my sleeve. The transition was easy and literally happened overnight.

After 3 months, I returned to the doctor, and my test results showed that my cholesterol and blood sugar we all in the healthy range. Medication wasn’t even brought up.

Over the past year, the diet that I had started for my health transformed into a lifestyle. I am more conscious of the effect that veganism has not only on my health, but also the planet, and all living creatures. I have become more compassionate to myself and to others.

Cooking is one of my favorite pastimes, next to eating, and so I spend a lot of time in the kitchen trying to chase my cravings. Watching videos of vegans preparing delicious meals and seeing online how easy it was to live a vegan lifestyle made my transition so much easier. So, I wanted to share my journey and all that I have learned along the way with others in hopes that it encourages more people to go vegan. It might not be overnight for everyone, and everyone has to decide for themselves why they want to eliminate animal products from their diet. We are all on our own path, but I hope that the recipes I post here will inspire you to cook and eat delicious, cruelty-free foods along the way.

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